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Open Free Online Checking Account

Benefits of Free Online Checking Accounts

Where do you do your banking? In this day and age you most probably have heard of an online checking account. More and more people are opening a free online checking account. If you haven’t yet opened a free online checking account, maybe it is something that you should seriously consider. This is a great time to be a consumer due to all of the options available to you that allow you to open a free online checking account.

If you currently have a bank account with a large national bank, a regional bank, a local bank or a local credit union, you have probably been approached or received some type of offer in the mail by that bank or another offering you the chance or an online checking account. You may have heard the phrase that when banks compete, you win. Well, this is definitely one of those situations where that saying applies. Maybe you’ve been approached by a new bank with an offer to open a free online checking account with them; maybe your own personal banker has been the one making you that offer. If you recall the benefits that they listed of opening an online checking account with them, it was probably an extensive list of benefits.

You might even be one of the consumers who actually did open an online checking account with a bank and were disappointed by some of the fees that were ultimately charged, because you neglected to read the fine print about the potential fees that could be levied upon you and when. A free online checking account is a sort of luxury in that you have to ultimately meet certain requirements in order to qualify for that free checking account.


Open a Free Online Checking Account

Having a good credit score can help you get approved to open a free online checking account. Having a low credit score can get you denied from being able to open a free checking account. If you already have a checking account with a local banking institution in your area, this can definitely help you to qualify to open a free online checking account.

Many internet banks are opening up all over the place, and they allow you to bank purely online. It is because of the savings that they gain from you solely being able to conduct all of your banking business online that they are able to offer their customers a free online checking account. Many of these internet banks or online banks offer; free check writing; free debit cards; some have free rewards with their debit cards; free ATM usageā€¦even from competing banks; unlimited check writing; and some of these banks even allow you to open a free online checking account with no initial deposit!

This is where reading the fine print comes in handy, because some of these bans with these free online checking accounts also state in their legal clause that should you enter the lobby of the bank to conduct a transaction with either the ATM in their lobby or make a transaction with a teller, you will be assessed a banking fee. In many instances these fees can be very steep.

When you open an online checking account, you need to be able to adjust your lifestyle. If you are used to using the ATM in the lobby of a bank or if you are used to speaking with a bank teller, those are things that in some case you will have to do without. This is not the same with all free online checking accounts, just some. And when you open a free online checking account, you need to make sure that if this is the clause for your free online checking account, you will want to avoid doing these things in order to avoid having to pay a banking fee. If you are a creature of habit who finds it impossible to do all of your checking online, if you find that you will need to have the interaction of a bank teller every now and then, make sure that you free online checking account offer you those benefits.

There are many great benefits to maintaining a free online checking account and there are disadvantages as well. It is your job as the consumer to weigh the positive and negative and then decide if it is to your benefit to open a free online checking account.